My paintings depict an explosion of colours which personifies the triumph I’ve achieved of my battle against depression and suicidal thoughts.
Colours have nourished my soul, guided me out of a dark and unpromised world.

Through my paintings I aim to primarily bring a smile to the faces of everybody who admire them.

Transmitting a message of happiness and hope, making each one of us aware that there is always sunshine after the rain.
And that the sunshine does not depend on any other factor to shine, other than yourself.

Being aware of your inner strength, valuing and appreciating yourself each day more.

It is not the shoes you wear, but the steps you make!

I aim to show the path of colours to happiness through my paintings. The combination of colours and almost straight lines with slightly thick straight lines, makes the difference so my Dushi Morena’s stand out.

I’m sure you’ll see and feel the same happiness I felt when I created my happy paintings.

International exposure: