Dushi Ohochi - POR

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Painting size:     90x120 cm

Canvas:               Cotton pre coated with white gesso

Certificate of Authenticity included. 
Price is VAT (BTW) included.

Dushi Morena Ohochi (Twins)

Ohochi is the name for Twins in Papiamento, the native language of the island of Curacao, where Alex is born. This painting is a homage to the full rounded black women. It is a common view he grew up with and this is his way of portraying his memories. As in most of the paintings by Alex, coloured women are always portrayed as a true representation of themselves. Some of the women portrait in the paintings are slim as models, while others are the true big mamma’s as we know them to be.

This painting has a three-month completion and is coated with at least five to six layers of each colour used on it. It has a final seal coat of liquid matt acryl varnish.

All paintings can be delivered by the artist himself anywhere in The Netherlands.

All paintings are covered in the back with brown paper. A common practice in the past by most painters and carefully packed in plastic bubble wrap (noppen folie) to protect both sides of the painting.

Shipping cost shown are for in the Netherlands. For shipping to other countries inside or outside Europe, other fees apply.

Personal viewing beforehand by appointment possible.